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Explore our extensive range of high-quality polymers, including Polyolefins, Styrenics, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, and EVA.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With offices strategically located worldwide, we connect you to the global polymer market. Experience seamless international distribution.

Trust in Excellence

Our exclusive brands, Americolene and Americorp Petrochemical, symbolize quality and reliability. Explore our premium offerings today.

Shaping a Greener Tomorrow

We're committed to sustainable polymer solutions. Explore our eco-friendly and recycled options for a more environmentally responsible future.

Tailored Polymer Solutions

Our team of experts crafts polymer solutions to match your exact requirements. Experience performance and efficiency like never before.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Our collaborations with industry leaders speak volumes. Join the ranks of satisfied clients benefiting from our expertise.

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Stay informed with our articles and news. Explore industry trends, innovations, and valuable insights from our experts.

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About Us

Americorp is an International Trade & Distribution Co, Supplying Plastics & Industrial Chemicals Worldwide

It’s a global marketing and distribution company that brings value to the world’s leading producers and users of plastics and chemicals through the supply of best in class products and tailored business solutions. With over 35 years of management experience and success in the filed, Americorp has grown into one of the world’s largest, inovative and success plastics and chemicals marketing and distribution companies.

The company has a strong global presents with over 20 offices in more than 17 countries with sales in excess of 67 countries.We have a truly global commercial footprint while providing our customers and partners the local intimacy they require and value. Americorp Adopt a strict adherence to international compliance standards, ethics and code of conduct policy.

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Building Sustainable Growth

With a globally fundamental vision, Americorp has grown its footprint worldwide. One of the main factors that the company has adopted since the beginning is customer’s satisfaction, which has been the key to the success of the company’s journey in such a short time. Below are our business strategies.


Americorp offers a diverse array of polymer products, meticulously sourced from industry-leading producers. Our extensive polymer catalog includes Polyolefins, Styrenics, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, and EVA. Discover how our premium-grade polymers can elevate your business.


Experience the Americorp advantage with tailored polymer solutions that add exceptional value to your company. Our dedicated team prioritizes customer satisfaction, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Learn how we can enhance your operations and boost your bottom line.

Global Presence

Americorp International operates on a global scale, with strategically positioned offices across Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa, and Europe. Our extensive network ensures efficient and seamless polymer distribution worldwide. Find your nearest Americorp location and join our worldwide network.

Brands We Sell

Americorp is committed to providing the highest quality products from the industry’s leading manufacturers at the best prices. These are some of our main producers.
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